Exploring the Arts in Philadelphia, PA - A Guide for All Ages

Philadelphia, PA is a vibrant city with plenty of opportunities to explore the arts. From the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the Barnes Foundation, there are a variety of free or discounted performances and exhibitions for all ages. Grounds For Sculpture is a 42-acre sculpture park, museum, and arboretum founded on the site of New Jersey's former state fairgrounds. Opened to the public in 1992, it has become one of New Jersey's top cultural destinations, welcoming and enthralling three million visitors since then.

Founded by artist and philanthropist Seward Johnson, the non-profit organization Grounds For Sculpture presents and preserves an exceptional collection of contemporary sculptures, provides excellent programming for all ages, and offers rotating exhibitions in six indoor galleries. The Philadelphia Film Center is a nonprofit arts organization that creates opportunities for diverse communities to experience filmmaking through initiatives that inspire, educate, challenge, and entertain. The Hedgerow Theater is a resident repertory theater dedicated to providing cultural enrichment, engaging entertainment, and training in theater arts and management in the Philadelphia region. The city also has thousands of works of art thanks to organizations such as the Philadelphia Public Art and Mural Art Association, the largest public art program in the country. The Barnes Arboretum in Merion is a wonderful way to expand your experience with the Barnes Foundation's legendary art collection on Parkway. The Alliance for the Preservation of the Greater Philadelphia Area is a nonprofit organization with members that focuses on the places that make the Philadelphia region special and gives voice and tools to those who care deeply about protecting them for the future.

The Magic Gardens of Philadelphia is a visionary art environment, a gallery, and a community art center with mosaics that provide access to the unique mosaic art of Isaiah Zagar. The Museum presents temporary exhibitions that explore a variety of artistic expressions and offers a diverse program of educational activities that seek to develop permanent participation in the arts, as well as to encourage a wide range of audiences. In addition, the gigantic open-air art gallery in Philadelphia has commissioned and added new works to the city's collection, joining established works by established artists such as Robert Indiana, Amy Sherald and Auguste Rodin. The Azuka Theater was founded in 1999 by a group of young artists participating in the nationally recognized Arden Theater Company Professional Apprentice Program. The Michener Art Museum collects, preserves, interprets, and exhibits American art, with a focus on art from the Bucks County region. Dating back to around 1898, this firestation-turned-museum offers lessons on the history of firefighting through old trucks, ladders, helmets, photographs, and a tribute to the fallen firefighters of Philadelphia. The Puerto Rican Workshop at El Corazón Cultural Center in El Centro de Oro functions as a community center, art gallery and event space where symposiums, readings, film screenings, artist workshops and much more are held.

See contemporary art by national and international artists and students enrolled in this visual arts school for women. Philadelphia offers plenty of options for exploring free or discounted arts performances and exhibitions for all ages. Whether you're looking for a new direction or just want to have some fun with friends or family members, there are plenty of opportunities available throughout the city. From sculpture parks to film centers to museums and galleries - there's something for everyone!.

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