Exploring Philadelphia's Art Scene: A Creative City Bursting with Inspiration

Philadelphia is a vibrant city that is overflowing with creativity and art. From its captivating street art to its dizzying museum collections, the city is filled with amazing museums and art galleries to explore. Benjamin Franklin Parkway, known as the “Museum Mile” by locals, is home to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. The city also boasts the oldest theater in the United States, since 1809, and continues to entertain audiences centuries later with enchanting musicals, spectacular shows, and outstanding orchestras and operas.

The expansion of the Philadelphia Museum isn't the only exciting news for Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The boulevard also houses the city's museum district and is home to the Pyramid Club, a private social club run exclusively by blacks founded in North Philadelphia in the 1930s that held an annual art exhibition. Philadelphia is also home to Vox Populi, a rotating membership of 20 artists who occupy a 4,500 square foot space in the North Chinatown area of Philadelphia. Any artistic and cultural tour of Philadelphia must start with its murals and public sculptures that tell the stories of the city, from its thriving music scene to its proud immigrant culture and queer history.

In the trendy district of Philadelphia, you can attend a workshop at The Fabric Workshop and Museum and take a grammatical photo at Wonderspaces, an interactive art space. The historic Crane Arts building in the northeast of the city houses several art galleries such as Icebox, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, and TILT Institute for Contemporary Imaging. Philadelphia has carved a niche for itself in terms of historic art institutions and upstart energy. It is a center for artists and creatives, filled with places dedicated to today's art and artists.

With its inspiring street art and dizzying museum collections, it is no wonder why Philadelphia has become one of our favorite creative cities.

Jackson Renwick
Jackson Renwick

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